Thermal Outdoor Series

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TD Delphinus Series follow the design of traditional optical equipment

TD Delphinus Series

TD Delphinus Series follow the design of traditional optical equipment. It is a small, lightweight , simple operation, and a wide range of application scenarios for infrared handheld thermal imaging monocular. TD Thermal scope has clear imaging and comfortable observation, suitable for medium- distance and short-distance observation, It is an ideal equipment for outdoor night vision.

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TrackIR Series Handheld Thermal Imaging Monocular

TrackIR series

TrackIR series handheld thermal imaging monocular designed for professional hunters which include 3 optional lenses (25mm/35mm/50mm). With up to 640 × 480 IR sensor and 1280x960 HD display, it provides adaptable and excellent thermal imaging in any conditions. Support smooth zoom, built-in stadiametric rangefinder, image quality adjustment, picture-in-picture functions. At a high frame rate of 50Hz, TrackIR captures sharp thermal imaging throughout dynamic and rapid motion in distance. It also supports connecting accessories to realize more functions.

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TN Normae Series Handheld Thermal Imaging Binoculars

TN Normae Series

TN Normae Series follows classic binocular design, greatly reducing the fatigue feeling of long-time observation. It adopts high-sensitivity VOx uncooled IR detector, bring you high quality imaging and immersive observation experience with full color OLED 1024×768 high-definition display. A variety of functions to meet all your needs, such as taking photos, videos, WIFI, laser ranging, GPS, compass, etc

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Clip-on Thermal Imaging Attachment

TA Series

TA Series is a versatile clip-on thermal imaging attachment which helps transform the daylight optics into a thermal imager. It can be taken as a thermal imaging attachment adding thermal imaging capability to your scope, or as a portable thermal imaging monocular as well. This compact, lightweight and durable device can be quickly mounted and dismounted without re-zeroing, providing excellent image in various environments

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Thermal Imaging Riflescope

TS Series

TS Series is an economical civilian infrared thermal imaging riflescope that includes 25mm/35mm/50mm objective lenses. With 400x300 pixel TEC metal-encapsulated thermal detector, it can detect longer range and capture vivid images of higher clarity. TS thermal riflescope also features with compact size, waterproof and dustproof, high shock resistance, rugged and durable, which performs impressively in any harsh weather.

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TU thermal imaging riflescope

TU thermal imaging riflescope retains the appearance of a traditional daylight scope and perfectly integrates latest premium thermal imaging technology. The design of this scope accommodates long-term operating habits of hunters. TU series adopts high-sensitivity thermal detector with three different lens options of 25mm,35mm,50mm, and its 10 sets of zero calibration configuration make it convenient to switch between different instruments.

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