TA Series Clip-on Thermal Imaging Attachment


GUIDE TA Series is a versatile clip-on thermal imaging attachment which helps transform the daylight optics into a thermal imager. It can be taken as a thermal imaging attachment adding thermal imaging capability to  your  scope,  or  as  a  portable  thermal  imaging monocular  as  well.  This  compact,  lightweight  and durable  device  can   be  quickly  mounted  and dismounted  without  re-zeroing,  providing  excellent image in various environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Scene modes upgrade to highlight the target effectively
  • Compact and lightweight
  • OLED color eyepiece display, capable of displaying images in various color modes
  • Encapsulation IP67
  • Super sound-off and bright light Cut-off System, prevent exposure
  • Optional Bluetooth remote controller for easy operation
  • Quick mount and no-shot zero


  • Outdoor observing
  • Law Enforcement
  • Night Hunting
  • Law Enforcement

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