Acer C120 LED Portable Projector – demo

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The lightweight and stylish Acer C120 is an ideal notebook companion for instant presentations on the go. This user-friendly, compact projector comes pre-loaded with the Display Over USB feature, eliminating the need for a complicated driver installation process. With USB 3.0 connectivity, fast data transfer speeds, enhanced image quality and a long lamp lifespan, the C120 is a dependable and ideal choice for delivering powerful projection with great mobility.

LED Technology
Acer projectors using LED technology minimise environmental impact while offering superior performance. LEDs do not contain the toxic mercury vapour or halogen gases, making them safer for the environment. There also offer high durability, with no breakable filaments or tubes. Other key features include:
Smaller lamp size enables design flexibility
Long lamp lifespan reduces cost and delivers an always-available light source
Instant on/off capability
Better colour saturation — from 60 to 120% NTSC
Live Colour
Get enhanced colour quality with LED technology. Wide color gamut gives better saturation and colour, making images come to life when projected on the screen. The deep, saturated colours produced by LED light are perceived brighter by the human eye.


AC to DC power adapter
USB cable
Protection case
User guide (CD)
Quick start guide