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Cryptocurrency fails fundamental tests

Cryptocurrencies fail fundamental tests of financial services, according to Huw van Steenis, senior adviser to Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. Van Steenis, who previously worked at Schroders and Morgan Stanley, joined the BOE last year, and is currently leading a review of the future of finance. Speaking in a Bloomberg Television interview from Davos Monday, he said that digital coins such as Bitcoin aren’t currently high on his list of concerns. “I’m not .

Huawei leads the AI industry

Artificial intelligence could be said to be the pinnacle of humankind’s inventions. But who would have thought that this technology could be the vehicle to bring us closer to nature in a way we could only have dreamed of, from the extremes of infinite night skies to enigmatic ocean depths? The limits of AI were explored recently by two fascinating experiments – one involving the magnificent Northern Lights, and the other the gentle Humpback .

Discovery Bank to be launched in 2019

Discovery has unveiled its plans for Discovery Bank – including how its accounts will work, and how it plans to change how South Africans work with money. The group on Wednesday showcased its digital-only banking product, which aims to make banking more efficient, and move away from traditional banking silos through introducing rewards-based incentives to encourage behavioural change when it comes to money. Discovery CEO, Adrian Gore said that the bank will go into a .

Apple launches new MacBook Air – Thinner and more powerful

Apple has unveiled a new MacBook Air at an event in New York. Apple said the MacBook Air is the most-loved laptop from Apple, and the new Air is the perfect device for portable use. The new MacBook Air features a 13.3-inch Retina Display with 4 million pixels, with a sleek new design and narrow borders around the screen. The FaceTime camera will remain at the top of the display, however. Apple has also .

Internet Solutions warns of security breach

Internet Solutions (IS) has confirmed that its internal monitoring systems have detected “irregular activity” on some of its virtual services. This comes after the company sent a notice to clients to warn them about a breach – and urged them to change their passwords and take additional steps to secure their servers. “We have taken immediate action to investigate this matter, establish the root cause, and take the necessary mitigating steps,” IS CTO Kervin .

Intel’s new 9th-gen desktop processors

If you are looking to upgrade your desktop PC’s memory but were limited by the amount of RAM your processor could support, Intel’s new 9th-gen desktop processors have you covered. Speaking to AnandTech, Intel confirmed that its newest Core desktop chips now support up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM. The number of memory modules supported still remains the same, with Intel’s newest chips being compatible with motherboards that support two memory channels with two DIMMs .

Petrol price 2015 to October 2018

The price of 95 petrol in Gauteng will break the R17 mark on 3 October when the latest price hike kicks in. 95 petrol will cost R17.08 per litre in Gauteng from Wednesday, with the price of 95 fuel at the coast increasing to R16.49. The R1.00 increase follows the CEF stating that the rand depreciated against the US dollar during its most recent review period. “The average rand/US dollar exchange rate for the .

Beware new-look Absa scam

Cyber criminals have wasted no time in using Absa’s new logo to target the bank’s customers in email scams. In a phishing email sent to South Africans, the criminals are trying to capitalise on Absa’s rebranding to catch unsuspecting users. The email – which purports to come from Absa CEO Maria Ramos, but comes from the email “” – informs victims that “today marks a very significant day in the Absa journey”. “With this change in .

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date

Samsung is looking set to reveal its latest Galaxy Note 9 sooner than expected according to exciting new information. The leak, from the ever reliable Korea Herald, reveals that Samsung is a full two months ahead of schedule for the Galaxy Note 9 release. According to the sources, inside Samsung and the wider display industry, the Note 9 screen has been getting developed since April. This has been pushed hard after the incremental upgrade of the Galaxy S9 was .