Car Performance Upgrades

For all cars with NA (Normally Aspirated engines) and/or Turbo

Our ECU tuning is at a leading position of prominence in the industry in regards to power and reliability. The ECU tuning software is the result of our large extensive program which ensures peak performance and reliability.

DTE PowerControl X(with Mobile App) and PedalBox+: The latest and greatest in vehicle tuning.

PowerControlX for Plug and Play tuning of most Turbo charged cars and bakkies! In a matter of 5 minutes, when your(motorplan/warranty) car or bakkie has to go in for a service, you simply remove the unit yourself, or call us for assistance.

PedalBox+ A plug & play device for cars and bakkies that is connected to the accelerator electronics.

Compatible for SENT accelerator pedals


DTE Systems wins chip tuning award: Test winner 2018!!

The tuning box PowerControl X from DTE secured a win in the chip tuning test 2018 for subcompact executive cars in Europe

ACCELERATE Special Gasoline is suitable for all high-performance vehicles, on-track, off-road, and on the water!

With a 102-octane rating, ACCELERATE Special Gasoline provides the energy and power your vehicle needs for peak performance. Octane rating measures a fuel’s resistance to so-called engine knock or detonation, an ‘abnormal combustion’ which occurs after the spark plug has ignited the air/fuel mixture and is moving through the combustion chamber.


ASP cars Non turbo


R4599 Incl VAT.

Turbo Petrol/Diesel


R5750 Incl VAT.

Spare Keys


Mercedes Benz Only R2874 Incl VAT.

Accelerate High-Octane Fuel




30-40% car performance improvement

7 days money back guarantee


Gear box repair